Bringing Along a Ball and Hiding from Foreign Devils Chapter 28

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He didn’t want to wait for a moment. And he wanted this pair of father and son to leave with him right now.  However, it seems that the G.o.d didn’t want him to be too happy. That day, in the afternoon, Rowan called and said that something had happened in Haicheng. He wanted Leonid to go there earlier, and said that he’d even booked the air ticket.

Therefore, Leonid reluctantly handed over the work to the driver, then flew to Haicheng with his luggages even though he didn’t want to.

Leonid was afraid that Ren Zhouyuan would feel uncomfortable. He had even sent away the helper that had been working there. When Ren Zhouyuan entered this empty house with An An, he felt so uncomfortable that he couldn’t sit nor stand up. He felt so awkward.

An An was still holding Ren Zhouyuan’s legs, but he couldn’t help but look around. This house was the biggest one they had ever lived in. He didn’t know how Dad found them such a big house. While he was curiously looking around, he was worried about getting the place dirty, and so he was acting more carefully than usual.

Ren Zhouyuan didn’t want An An to act like that. He thought, An An was Leonid’s child too, even if he broke something out of carelessness, it’s time for Leonid to spend money on their child. He patted An An’s head and comforted him, “let’s go.

He picked up An An and showed him each room. There’s a saying “when the tiger is not in the mountain, the monkey calls himself king.” Since the bear is not at home, the rabbits can go around freely.

However, after they checked out several rooms, Ren Zhouyuan had to complain about Leonid’s taste. The furniture, for example, the sofa in the living room still made him feel warm, but the accessories in western and luxurious style made him feel as if he’d entered some sort of weird s.p.a.ce. They were matched so randomly and they didn’t have one unique style. Every time he entered a new room, he felt like entering a different place.

The weird-looking frame in the toilet especially stunned Ren Zhouyuan. There were golden carvings around the mirror, and Ren Zhou couldn’t help but touch it. He did not doubt that it was real gold, but such a showing-off behavior turned out to be so European. Everything was just weird.

After checking out a few more rooms, Ren Zhouyuan had simply lost hope to the layout of the house. When he entered the main bedroom, he was shocked to see the two ugly, yellowish pillows on the bed. Then, he started to understand why nothing matched in this house.

It’s his fault.

He put An An on the ground and let him run around in the bedroom. He went inside and punched powerlessly on the pillows, shook his head and smiled bitterly.

How could he forget Leonid’s true character? When he thought about what he had just seen, there were the sofa, curtains, carpets, towels…aside from the original decoration, he had arranged almost everything else, and they had now all appeared in this house. He didn’t consider whether they matched, and these two pillows…

Ren Zhouyuan poked himself again, and he could almost imagine Leonid’s reluctant look when they placed them here.

The discomfort of moving here suddenly disappeared when he saw these two pillows. Ren Zhouyuan felt as if a hundred ants were crawling on his heart, it felt itchy, but not to the point where he hated it.

He looked around again and suddenly felt that this place looked actually quite pleasing. After waiting for a while, he suddenly found out that An An had disappeared. When thinking about how uncomfortable An An must be, he rushed and found him in one of the rooms upstairs.

Ren Zhouyuan took a light footstep and went in. The room was very s.p.a.cious, filled with small parts that An An often played with, it’s surrounded by some drones, robots and 3D printed models, just like a small showroom, and An An was sitting on the small table inside and playing with the little parts.

He sat beside An An, who raised his head and looked at him. He couldn’t hide the excitement in his eyes, “Dad! There are so many machines in the lab!” He held his hand, “see this, my teacher taught me this last week!”

Ren Zhouyuan smiled, touched An An’s head and let him continue to play. Looking at his son being so focused on the pile of little parts, he felt so warm inside.

On the first day of the move, the father and son were very satisfied. In the evening, when Ren Zhouyuan took his son to sleep, and when he was unpacking, he got Leonid’s call.

Leonid, “…”

Ren Zhouyuan, “…”

After the phone was connected, the two men were speechless for a while. After a while, Leonid coughed a little, and he asked cautiously, “are you adapting well? An An…um, is he fine?”

“Yeah, he’s good.” Ren Zhouyuan took the phone and sat on the sofa in the living room, “An An has just fallen asleep, and he’s been playing in the ‘toy room’ for the whole afternoon.”

“Oh, oh, that’s good.”

There was another moment of silence, but the strange thing was that Ren Zhouyuan did not feel any embarra.s.sment at this time. There was only a dark night light in the hall, and he could hear the man’s rhythmic breathing sound, making him really feel that he had a “home”, a home of “a family of three.”

“Thank you.” Ren Zhouyuan smiled unconsciously. After he said it, he suddenly felt a bit too awkward again. He blushed, and just before Leonid reacted, he quickly said “goodnight” then hung up.

After Ren Zhouyuan hung up, Leonid was still holding his phone. And there was a smile on his face that didn’t look quite like him. He couldn’t bear it anymore. He just wanted to fly back and see them. When thinking that Ren Zhouyuan and An An were at home, he was so excited that he found it hard to calm down.

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