Enforcers 119 The Dark Battle

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Age 1991

Sirius jumped back as he raised the gun up firing off several shots at the two men.

The one named Kaen, jumped back ducking down as the bullets flew over his head.

The one with the Four, on his robes, reached into his own pocket throwing out several small coins. “Twenty Bells, form my shield.” He said calmly as the coins took shape pulling themselves together mid-air and blocking the bullets.

Sirius gave a large smirk, as his gun clicked, running out of bullets. He threw it off to the side as he reached up and began to loosen his tie. “Good you survived that wave. I’d have been disappointed in you if you died to a mere gun!”

Four raised his hand up again as the coins in front of him rotated in the air. They began to spin at a high speed as they became a large disk. The coins flew forward towards Sirius cutting through the air, and leaving a loud whirling sound.

Sirius threw his black coat off using it to block the coins as he jumped away. The many coins tore through his shirt, ripping past it and stabbing themselves into the wall.

Kaen punched the air, as an orange light cover his body, for a brief second. A ball of fire shot out, and the orange light around him vanished.

The ball of fire slammed into Sirius throwing him back as he slammed into the wall.

Kaen quickly reached into his robes pulling out a large ball and chain, as he spun the ma.s.sive hunk of metal hurling it towards the n.o.ble.

Sirius danced to the left as it slammed into the wall leaving a large crater.

“I guess I should get serious…” The n.o.ble said giving a large smirk as he brought his hands together. A large white aura covered his body. “Behold my Equation!” He announced shooting forward at an inhuman speed.

Four slammed his own hands together as a white aura also covered his body. He quickly reached out catching the n.o.ble’s fist.

“What!” Sirius shouted in shock.

“You didn’t think you were the only one who knew about Mantra, did you…” Four said calmly.

Kaen also placed his hands together as a white aura covered his body.

“So… You all know about the will of G.o.d?” Sirius said with a frown.

“We know more about it then you could possibly imagine…” Four said calmly. He kicked his leg out, slamming Sirius back and throwing the man into the wall.

Sirius let out a small growl as he jumped forward slashing his hands forward. His fingernails cut into the shoulder of Four as he sliced his hand back. “Don’t get c.o.c.ky! I haven’t even began to use my Attribute!” Sirius announced as he placed the hand up to his lipe. He licked out licking the blood off of his fingers.

“d.a.m.n!” Four hissed out grabbing his shoulder. “He consumed my blood! He’s a Báthory so- Ahh!” Four dropped to his knees as he began to scream in pain.

Sirius let out a small laugh as his smirk grew. “Yes, my Attribute. Anyone who’s blood I consume is put under intense physical, phycological, and emotional pain, until my body digests it! Until then you’re down for the count! And with only one of you I-“

The metal ball sliced up as Kaen swung his weapon smashing it into the arm of Sirius and snapping the arm as the n.o.ble let out a scream of pure agony. Kaen continued to swing his weapon as a wave of fire began to coat it, making the ball become white-hot, as steam rose off of it.

Sirius let out another growl as he reached into his pocket pulling out a small knife. “I’ll kill you!” He announced. “No one makes a mockery of my family!”

Kaen slammed his weapon down once again, but missed, as Sirius sidestepped it. The ball slammed into the floor burning a hole into the floor as he dragged it causing the chain, to rip around the landscape cutting into the air around them.

“Pero!” Sirius announced shooting forward as his aura grew around his body speeding himself up and powering himself up to new levels. “Take this you flaming b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” He screamed cutting his knife through the air.

Kaen let out a simple grunt as he dodged some of the strikes. “Dero…” He said finally speaking as he raised his chain up. The aura surrounded the chain as it glowed a bright white. The knife slammed into the chain but was unable to cut through. “Pero.” He said once again as the aura left his chain and covered his body. He punched the air sending the man back into the wall. “Sero.” The aura covered his legs as he fired forward seemingly flying, as he slammed into Sirius slamming his chain around the man’s throat. He put pressure on it as he began to choke him. “Pero.” He said once more powering himself up once again and putting more pressure on the n.o.bles throat.

Sirius let out several gasps of air as his aura flared. “D… Dero!” He gasped out, causing the aura to cover his throat with the aura. The aura flashed pushing the chain back, as Sirius jumped forward slamming his shoulder into the man. He grabbed his broken arm as he pulled it back snapping the bone back into place. He gasped out as the aura covered his arm and the broken bone was slowly forced back into place. “You aren’t the only one who knows the words of power!” He called out jumping forward and stabbing out with his knife.

The blade stabbed into Kaen’s shoulder as the man let out a hiss of pain.

Looks like you’re screened now-” Sirius felt himself get tackled to the floor as Four was seemingly no longer under the spell.

Four brought his arms up and began to rapidly punch the man into the ground. “Pero!” He announced getting faster, and faster, as his arms became a blur and he pushed the man deep into the stone floor.

Sirius let out a loud yell as he slammed his body up head b.u.t.ting the man in the robe and rolling him off of him. He let out a crazed yell as he slammed his leg into the man’s side throwing him out across the room and straight into the wall. “Take that-“

The metal ball slammed into the back of Sirius’s head in a ma.s.sive thud as the man dropped down to the floor. Blood began to trickle out of the back of his head as he let out a gasp. Kaen pulled back grabbing his ball as he walked forward.

“I’ll admit…” Four said slowly getting back up to his feet. He wobbled slightly as he grabbed onto the wall. “You caused us some problems but it’s over now…” He said standing back up fully.

“D… d.a.m.n… d.a.m.n you…” Sirius hissed out trying to get back up.

Kaen swung his metal ball down but Sirius jumped forward barely dodging it.

“Just give up and die!” Four shouted slicing his arms down as several metal coins sliced down into the ground stabbing forward and heading towards the man.

“You fools don’t know how powerful my family is!” Sirius screamed reaching the wall. He grabbed a metal chain that was on the wall and pulled down.

A loud alarm blared throughout the room as the floor opened up and several metal robots raised up.

“Kipp them!” Sirius screamed falling to the floor and landing in a puddle of his own blood. “Kill them all!” He yelled.

The robots charged forward as they opener up unleashing a hail of metal blades, and guns.

Four, jumped back landing next to Kaen as they were quickly swarmed by the robots. “What now…” Four asked.

“We leave…” Kaen said simply.

“The Jester’s not gonna like this…”

“You aren’t getting away!”Sirius screamed. “I’ll kill you both!”

“Through the roof!” Four shouted right as the robots reached them.

Kaen sliced his arm up launching a ball of flames into the air blasting a hole through the roof.
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“No!” Sirius screamed right as the men jumped up.

Both Kaen, and Four landed on the roof as they made their way to the edge.

“Well…” Four said slowly. “That could have gone better…”

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