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The husband of the beautiful receptionist entered the vault of internal medicine, and there he could not avoid opening his eyes completely.

In front of him was his wife Kusume, but she was completely naked with only her black panties on and she was hiding in the arms of a lad he did not know.


The husband could not help stuttering his words, he had already imagined the idea that his wife had made him a cuckold when he found her black bra on the floor. But even so, he was not mentally prepared to find her naked in the arms of another man.

The pain of being cheated caused the husband’s legs to wobble and weaken, it was a pain he had never expected and never imagined suffering.

The husband from the moment he married his wife Kusume had been cheating on her, and over time, this became normal for him, so normal that the guilt he felt the first time he cheated on his wife with other women disappeared a long time ago.

And the habit of sleeping with other women who were not his wife became something normal and daily for the husband.

While his wife during all their years of marriage, she had always been kind and docile, that’s why he never imagined that she could cheat him, after all, every time he came back from visiting the brothels, she was always cooking in the kitchen.

Rather, the idea that she could deceive him never came to mind, he always thought that she would always be at his side serving him.

But now seeing her embraced naked by another man, a pain that threatened to drive him crazy was invading him.

Seeing that the husband remained still, with sweat running down his forehead, while he breathed with difficulty and clutched his chest tightly.

Bao Zhang could not help but mock internally;

“Unfortunately you had a beautiful wife with you, but you did not care to take care of her, and now that’s why I take her for myself”

Caressing her hair, Bao Zhang approached the shy and beautiful mature woman who hid her scared face in his chest, and murmured softly;

“Come on, kusume, you can tell him. I’m here, so I’m not going to let him hurt you …”

Upon hearing his words, the beautiful receptionist tightened her embrace on him, but at the same time, her eyes showed determination. She seemed to have taken courage from his words.

Standing in Bao Zhang’s arms, the beautiful receptionist turned her face back and looked at the gray-haired man who seemed to be gasping for air as he clutched his chest, the beautiful receptionist spoke;

“S-shuò … I’m going to leave you” Said the beautiful receptionist in a slightly nervous voice, but loud for the husband (Shuò) to hear her.

The husband (Shuò) upon hearing her immediately opened his eyes while muttering to himself;

“Leaving … she… she’s leaving me?”

It seemed that the husband still did not understand or react to what was happening to him, as if he could not believe that those words came from his wife Kusume who was always obedient and submissive with him.

Even, the husband asked again as if he wanted to confirm that he had not listened badly; “You are leaving me?”

The beautiful receptionist nodded and went back into the embrace of Bao Zhang. While a small but audible voice was heard from her;

“I want the divorce…”


Bao Zhang stood still, watching the husband shake and clench his fists hard.

The husband’s eyes began to turn red with anger, while his teeth tightened.

“d.a.m.n b.i.t.c.h! How dare you leave me! I’m going to show you who is your owner, b.i.t.c.h!!”

Releasing a great crazed howl, the husband completely surrounded his body with his energy Xuan and jump into the air. Throwing himself to the attack towards Bao Zhang and the beautiful receptionist with intention murderous reflected in his face!

The beautiful receptionist was frightened, but Bao Zhang stroked her hair to calm her down and insinuate that she did not need to be scared.

Smiling, Bao Zhang watched Shuò approach;

‘You’re only in the middle earth realm, and you want to attack me, keep dreaming!’

Bao Zhang extended his hand and gathered Xuan energy, then two small flames shot out.

The flames quickly began to unfold in the air! And they were transformed into two eagles of fire of half a meter large, which were launched against the attack of Shuò!

This was the Magic Technique of the burning eagle! It was the technique he had obtained from the Sect library a few weeks ago.

Muscle strengthening techniques usually require that the host’s own body adapts to the strange circulation of Xuan energy. But magical techniques are not the same. Magical techniques only require that the host have a sufficient level of cultivation to be able to use it and proper control of their own Xuan energy.

And could Bao Zhang continue to call himself G.o.d if he did not have excellent control of his Xuan energy? Could not he, an ancient G.o.d, have mastered a simple magical technique of soul grade?

Bao Zhang had learned a long time ago to use the spell, or rather, he did not even need to practice the spell, since by reading the book where the spell was specified, he had already learned it.

“s.h.i.+t!” Cursing, Shuò immediately took a turn and dodged one of the fire eagles, while at high speed he formed a strange circle with his fingers and shouted;

“Cedar barrier!”

Immediately a translucent barrier two meters wide formed in front of him!

Seeing this, Bao Zhang just shook his head in disapproval;

‘Idiot, you think that a simple barrier created by a middle earth realm can stop my spell’

The other fire eagle rose up and let out a loud squeal as it began to descend at full speed, attacking the Shuò barrier!

Clenching his teeth, Shuò used all the Xuan energy of his body to strengthen his barrier and resist the attack.


Cras.h.i.+ng fiercely against the barrier, the eagle of fire disintegrated in a great explosion of flames. But even so, the eagle of fire managed to cause Shuò to spit blood and the barrier created with all his Xuan energy was completely broken!

This result easily showed the difference in strength between Bao Zhang and Shuò, where with a simple spell, Bao Zhang could completely break down the barrier where Shuò used all his Xuan energy to create it.

With blood escaping from the edge of his lips, Shuò quickly jumped back wanting to expand the distance with Bao Zhang, but …


A shriek came from behind him.


With his maximum possible speed, Shuò turned around and found another fire eagle approaching to attack him furtively from behind.

This was the fire eagle that he had previously dodged!


With his Xuan energy exhausted, Shuò could only cover himself with his arms and receive the attack head on.

* Boom! “

The explosion of fire exploded against Shuòs arms and burned him in a fierce flame of enveloping fire!


Quickly Shuò fell on the ground and rolled in an attempt to extinguish the flames.

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