Hubby, Your Fox Fairy Wants Everything Chapter 116 Chiyou’s Gentle Tactic

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“The mortal is the fox spirit’s younger sister.”

The fox spirit sounded irritating to the ears. Chengyi frowned and thought that no matter how unwilling his junior sister was, the Senior Brother’s child had been three years old. Then, Chengyi and Liu Ruoshui flew to Ao Ze in tandem. After landing off the clouds, Chengyi headed to the Senior Brother’s room.

“Senior Brother, have you slept yet?”

Though improper, Chengyi decided to make it clearly. Otherwise, he felt sick at heart. The door was pushed open from inside.

“I am looking for you.”

“Senior Brother, the mortal girl does know me?”

“Come in and talk about it.”

Chengyi followed in.

“Uncle Chengyi.” Xiao Douya threw himself into Chengyi’s arms when seeing him.

“Mom will play with you.”

“Is my memory really sealed by Grandmaster?”


“Seal my memory for you. Grandmaster is too selfish.”

“Grandmaster’s hair turned grey overnight for us. You dare say Grandmaster is selfish. You make me disappointed.”

“Mom, Dad is quarreling with Uncle.”

“Dad is playing with Uncle.” Wuyou closed the door.

“Remove my memory and make me a fool. Is he reasonable?”

“Without Grandmaster, you would have been a pile of bones.”

“I am not blaming Grandmaster, but just want to know what happened. Besides, why should I lose my memory?”

“There are some methods. But Junior Brother, you need to give me some ideas.”

“What is it?”

“On the 6th day next month, I will marry your sister-in-law and want to give some presents, but do not know what to give. You should think about it for me.”

“Senior Brother, you don’t know that sister-in-law’s wish is to rebuild her homeland. Senior Brother can help to take Teal Hill back and give it to her… How sincere the gift is!”

Xu Linghe felt Chengyi’s words made sense. He could see his little woman’s desire for homeland in eyes. However, it was not an easy job to recapture it at present. It must be planned thoroughly.

“Good advice, but it’s not easy to make it.”

Xu Linghe had an idea. Although it was hard to take the Teal Hill, there was still a way out as long as he could seize the right time. Chengyi was rather anxious, wondering when he could restore his memory.

“To restore the memory, your sister-in-law knows how to do it.”

“Please ask sister-in-law to restore my memory.” Chengyi couldn’t wait to see her with overjoy.

A man of seven feet tall acted in an unexpectedly peevish way. Xu Linghe jerked the corner of his mouth. Wuyou heard clearly and would help Chengyi, even just for her younger sister.

“Husband, seal up Chengyi’s acupuncture points first.”

Xu Linghe condensed his spirit power and sealed up his Junior Brother’s Baihui Acupoint and Naohu Acupoint. Chengyi grimaced with pain. The two acupoints were the storage for memory. Originally, Grandmaster used Spirit Power to seal Chengyi’s Baihui Acupoint and Naohu Acupoint. Today, little woman would use Pangu incantation to remove the seals. Wuyou spread her Spirit Power and injected it into Baihui Acupoint. Instantly, Baihui Acupoint was full of pain. When spirit power filled into the Naohu Acupoint, a ray of white light shot in. Xu Linghe sealed up Chengyi’s Baihui Acupoint while Pangu incantation opened the memory door and sent memory storage to the Naohu Acupoint. Chengyi picked himself up from the bed. The flowing spirit power dispersed from the Baihui Acupoint. Xu Linghe sealed up Chengyi’s Si Shen Cong Acupoint. Chengyi felt relieved. Pangu incantation, like a key, gathered his lost memory together. Chengyi thought about the past and remembered what had happened in the Joy Hall, including Han Chiyou. Even if he had lost his three-year memory, he should not blame his Grandmaster. Xiao Douya thought his mother was really awesome. Those shining incantations were sealed into Uncle’s body. Xiao Douya looked at his mother enviously, hoping that he could be as awesome as his mother one day.

“Thank you, sister-in-law… I want Xiaoyou.”

When Chengyi restored his memory, he was eager to see Han Chiyou. So, he ran to the southern courtyard immediately, but was timid when arriving at the door. Chengyi lingered in front of the door. And the girl sat in the room quietly.

“Xiaoyou.” A hoa.r.s.e voice rang. Han Chiyou felt her heart skipped a beat and opened the door slowly. Looking at the familiar figure, Han Chiyou could not help but shed tears. Chengyi also felt sore in his heart. The two looked at each other silently. They had parted for three years; it was hard to express their lovesickness.

“You remember me.” Han Chiyou withdrew her bad mood. The man had forgotten her for three years. But for the elder sister, Han Chiyou could not wait for his coming even at the cost of her whole life. The more Han Chiyou thought, the angrier she got. Chengyi knew he was in the wrong and just let Xiaoyou vent her anger. When calming herself down, Han Chiyou smiled. However, Chengyi got fl.u.s.tered, wondering what Chiyou was playing and why Han Chiyou was happy about the sad thing. But Chengyi knew clearly that Han Chiyou would not abandon him and that it was her temperament. It was a predawn outbreak. Perhaps, she would throw him out. Chengyi was pondering when he was pushed out. He thought Xiaoyou did put spiteful hands on him. However, Chengyi was thick-skinned of course. He had taken pains to restore his memory and lived a confusing life in three years and even forgotten Chiyou.

“Little girl, you can’t treat me in this way.” Chengyi was not convinced because he did not lose his memory deliberately. But could he make it clearly, especially speak to a woman in a rage? Han Chiyou did not care that much. The three-year grievance could not be solved instantly. Then, she became wayward up.

“Oh? Do you have a reason?”

Han Chiyou leaned against the door, and tears dropped onto her clothes. What a terrible man! Dare to forget her for three years! She decided not to forgive him so easily. Although there was a reason for it, Han Chiyou did not want to let go. On the other hand, Chengyi did not respond. Han Chiyou thought whether Chengyi had left and got angrier. How could a man just leave after losing connection for three years? Han Chiyou opened the door, only to find that the man slept. Han Chiyou got blood up and eager to kick him farther. When she got closer, her hands were clenched by Chengyi.

“Xiaoyou, as for the lost three years, I will repay you with my three lives.”

“You’re dreaming.”

Han Chiyou, though proud, became relented and thought that the whole thing should not be blamed on Chengyi. Seeing the little girl’s face brighten, Chengyi felt happy and increased his strength. Han Chiyou felt painful with tears in her eyes. And Chengyi’s hearty laughter filled the corridor.


Han Chiyou was enwrapped by warmth, and the man hugged her tightly. Madam Hou Qing sighed and backed out. It turned out that Madam Hou Qing could not in charge of her younger daughter’s matter. However, as a mother, she always hoped her daughter could enjoy a peaceful life. But some things were destined and not controlled by others. One had to finish them by himself/herself. No one could help it.

“How about holding a wedding ceremony on the same day as the Senior Brother’s?”


“Mother.” Han Chiyou disentangled herself from the arms. Thinking she was hugged by a man, she got ablush. Madam Hou Qing had her own consideration. All in all, she felt reluctant to have her younger daughter leave her. The older she grew, the more she feared loneliness. At the thought that her younger daughter was going to leave her, Madam Hou Qing felt heartbroken.

“Madam Hou Qing.”

Chengyi covered up his disappointment. It was deceptive to say he was not sad.

“Mother, why? I want to marry him.”

Han Chiyou was raised tenderly by Han Qianyi. A child growing with indulgence could not hide his/her emotions. Even in front of mothers, they would not give in.

“What can he give you?”

Madam Hou Qing’s words smashed Chengyi’s only hope. She was right! Chengyi thought he did not give Chiyou happiness because he was nothing in Kunlun according to seniority. At that moment, he realized how useless he was. Chengyi went out silently. Looking at the fading figure, Han Chiyou chased out.


The night sky resounded with the voice, and wind slapped the door. Madam Hou Qing sat there depressedly, thinking that she was not wrong because she wanted nothing but her daughter could lead a carefree life. Chiyou was so tender that she should find a responsible man. Madam Hou Qing did accept Chengyi before because of his honesty, however, Chengyi had Xiaoyou wait for him for three years. Although it was not Chengyi’s fault, Chengyi did not dare to argue with Shenzong about it. If Xiaoyou would marry such a coward, she was bound to have a tough time with him. Madam Hou Qing knew her younger daughter well. Chiyou was too arrogant since childhood to do things humbly. What was more, Kunlun was a great sect in the Immortal Realm where too many people would have diverse voices. Xiaoyou could not stay here. Even if Wuyou would be there to take care of her, things would go wrong anyway. When the man could not be strong enough, the woman had to suffer it. How could Madam Hou Qing’s daughter bear such sufferings?

The two left Ao Ze in tandem and stopped the steps in the square.

“Chengyi.” Han Chiyou insisted on marrying Chengyi with firm determination, even her mother could not stop her.

“Madam is right…”

“So what… Chiyou is to marry Chengyi.”

“A willful little girl. You will only make me guilty.”

“It’s good to let you guilty… And you will treat me better.”

Even Kunlun’s wind could not put out the flame of their love. Instead, it would set the prairie ablaze till the end of the life.

In the early morning, Madam Hou Qing found her elder daughter and told her that Han Chiyou was ill. Wuyou got dressed and hurried to the backyard. It was deadly silent there, and Chengyi paced back and forth with worry.

“What’s wrong with Xiaoyou?” Wuyou touched Han Chiyou’s forehead and felt she was feverish as a hot steamer.

“Chengyi, come to find Granny. It seems that Xiaoyou gets a high fever.”

“Yesterday, Xiaoyou was fine… What’s wrong today?” Wuyou asked. Madam Hou Qing gave the reason.

“I am good for her. Xiaoyou is always willful. Kunlun is such a great Sect that she should not stay here any longer. She dares to hope to marry a man as you do on the same day.”

Hou Qing was nagging. Wuyou could do nothing but let her talk.

“It is good to get married. And mother can worry about her less.”

“She is too young to get married!”

Wuyou felt sore in her heart. Because she got married with Xu Linghe at the age of sixteen years old. And her mother was not that dedicated to her at that time. Wuyou thought, all in all, mother did not love her, so mother did not care about her. When realizing that mother did not love her, Wuyou felt heart stinging, and tears dampened the quilt. Forget it! It did not matter mother did not love her, Wuyou thought, she loved her mother, and it would be good.

Wuyou was wiping her younger sister when Changxi arrived. Madam Hou Qing followed her anxiously. Changxi checked Han Chiyou and then, covered her well. Wuyou sent Changxi out, and Changxi told her that Chiyou pretended to be ill. Wuyou let out a sigh inwardly. It seemed that mother had to make a compromise because Chiyou had seized her weakest point. It was hard to stop this marriage. Han Chiyou seemed to be unshakable in her decision. Therefore, Wuyou felt improper to say more since she could not control others’ things like that. As an elder sister, all she could do was to give her younger sister wishes.


Wuyou thought her mother had something to do with her and pushed the door, only to find her mother wipe Chiyou’s forehead. It seemed that Wuyou was self-sentimental. How could her mother think of Wuyou?

“Xiaoyou is fine. Mother, take a rest.”

Wuyou increased her strength, and her younger sister could not help jerking the mouth. Han Chiyou opened her eyes, with fire in them. Wuyou raised the corner of her mouth and thought Han Chiyou dared to cheat her. If Han Chiyou did fall ill, all the people would be worried to death about her.

“Lie on the bed. After four hours, your wish will come true.”

Wuyou bent down and whispered to Chiyou. Han Chiyou found it hard to pretend to be ill any longer. Han Chiyou became thick-skinned indeed, even dared to mutter to Wuyou to cheat her mother. Seeing Chiyou’s peevish look, Wuyou could not bear to let her down.

“Just this once.”

Han Chiyou felt delighted inwardly. It was easy for her sister to deceive the mother. Han Chiyou covered up with the quilt and sneered. To her surprise, the corner of the quilt was uncovered, which scared Han Chiyou into a pale face. Next second, Madam Hou Qing gave a slap.


“I still wondered why you did not get up in the morning. It turned out that you had such a plan. Dare to cope with your sister to cheat me. My care for you is in vain…”

Madam Hou Qing shed tears because she had not expected that her innocent daughter would lie to her for a man.

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