Reincarnated Into A Human? Chapter 107 – Quitting

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The screen continued to randomise until it eventually stopped. The next two contestants shown on the screen were Dan and Arthur.

Dan went up to the stage with his spear in hand and so did Arthur with his longsword. Dan was ready after watching everyone fight. He had come to the academy in hopes to spread his name and his family’s in the future.

His family were in charge of the spear division in Alure kingdom army but there weren’t many spear users in the first place. His father had given him the task to convince people that the spear was still powerful and would hope by showing them how powerful the spear was, many people would choose to join the spear division.

This was Dan chance to prove it with everyone watching.

But then something unexpected happened. As soon as Arthur reached the stage and the war horn sounded. Arthur raised his hand.

“I forfeit from the compet.i.tion,” Arthur said.

“NOOOOO!” Dan screamed in response.

Dan was currently in a battle mode mindset and he had been itching to fight, but now that his opponent had given up, there was no chance for him to show his skill.

“Due to Arthur forfeiting the compet.i.tion Dan has automatically been declared the winner.”

The crowd began to mumble to each other. They weren’t sure what reason Arthur had for quitting the compet.i.tion after already making it this far. It didn’t make any sense unless he was scared of his opponent and thought he was already going to lose.

But contestants were allowed to quit whenever they felt like it and didn’t need to give an explanation.

The screen quickly went on to display the next fight, in hopes that the crowd didn’t get too disappointed. The next match had been decided and it would be Martha against Cherry.

As Martha went to walk onto the stage Monk called out to her.

“Martha please don’t get hurt too bad.”

Martha turned around and scuffed Monks hair up like a little dog.

“Don’t worry about it, the master knights will stop anything if it is too dangerous remember?”

Monks face turned red as he was embarra.s.sed that he was being treated like a puppy.

Martha then quickly walked off and went to go on stage.

“You know if I didn’t know any better, I think you like her Monk,” Kyle said with a cheeky smile.

“What just because I told her not to get hurt.” Monk snapped back.

“Now that I think about it why didn’t I see it before,” Dan said out loud. “Of course, it was so obvious.”

“Shut up” Monk shouted back.

“I have to say you two don’t suit each other at all,” Dan said.

The rest of the group understood what Dan meant. Monk was short for his age while Martha was quite a tall slender girl. Their height difference made the two of them look like brother and sister rather than lovers.

“What do you know,” Monk mumbled to himself.

Martha and Cherry were now stood opposite each other. The two of them were both Archer users and the tournament was set up this way on purpose. This tournament was to decide the team that would be going forward for the All kingdom tournament. It was best to have a variety of different warriors, so the matchups the academy put together used similar weapons. In order to end up with a diverse team.

Gary and Harry with their swords. Martha and cherry with their bow. Dan and Arthur with his spear and longsword and so on.

There weren’t many archer knights so the crowd was excited to see how the match would turn out.

“The match will start in 3…2…1.”

The war horn sounded once again. Martha took an arrow from her quiver and quickly drew her bow firing it straight at Cherry. Instead, of avoiding the arrow like most, Cherry simply took her time and aimed carefully before letting go. Cherry’s arrow flew through the air and hit Martha’s arrow dead on causing both of them to fall to the ground.

“Did you see that?”

“Yeah, she managed to hit the arrow while it was still in the air, it’s such a small target how is that possible?”

“She must have been lucky.”

The crowd thought it was impossible to be able to display accuracy at that level and simply judged it as a fluke. But as Martha fired another arrow Cherry done the same proving it was not a fluke.

Martha this time decided to do a quick draw, firing two arrows in rapid succession but Cherry just responded with the same back.

Cherry yawned as if she was bored by the fight

“Rose said you were special for a second year, now I see she was just comparing you to all the other green sashes.”

These words angered Martha, in the next shot Martha placed as much Ki as possible into her next arrow. This arrow flew out faster and stronger than the others before. Martha was sure this one would surprise her.

But again, Cherry lifted her bow and shot one straight back, only this time when Cherry’s arrow hit Martha’s it carried on going through the arrow causing it to split in half. The arrow continued moving forward and at the last second, Martha managed to move her head.

The arrow continued forward slamming into the arena wall right by Kyle’s face. Kyle went to take a look at the arrow and it had nearly completely sunken into the wall, only leaving an inch sticking out of the wall.

“Such power, if she got hit by that she’s going to die.” The crowd thought.

Monk gulped in fear for Martha.

Martha felt a sting on her face as she noticed a slight trickle of blood drip to the ground. The arrow had managed to just skim her face.

“Hey, do you think the master knights will be able to stop that, I could hardly see the arrow,” Kyle said nervously.

Ray himself was even wandering the same thing, if he would be able to stop the arrow. Blocking it or using force against it was fine. But to be able to grab an arrow like that before it hit its target. It seemed like an impossible task.

“She should give up. Otherwise, she’s going to get hurt.” Ray suddenly said.

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