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Chapter 118: Alternative option (2)


Famous for its beautiful nature, it was also not as crowded with its small cities. When Woojin’s team reached the airport, they tried to get a chopper, but there weren’t any left for them to borrow, so they had to travel by car.

Woojin didn’t underestimate Dantalion. He divided the team into two. Brunhilde, Haemosu, and Habaek were left behind to protect Doctor Ahn and his team in the jet while Woojin took the rest of them. They were also joined by the twelve Avatars who were trained in hunter skills. Woojin prepared in case Dantailion wasn’t alone. They had Bihyung, Yeohong, and Horus. It was more than enough to fight against Dantalion, but Woojin did not let his guard down.

They left in their car, and Thoth’s map gave them Dantalion’s exact location. He was hiding in a remote place, just a few miles away from Skógafoss.

“Let’s go.”

Their cars left and Woojin prepared for the battle. Dantalion wasn’t the type to fight by himself, but he had the power to make people succ.u.mb to his illusions and that was hard to deal with when a large scale fight broke out. Woojin checked his magazines, rea.s.sembled all of his guns, and placed his back against the seat. Miho then glanced over at him through the rearview mirror and asked, “Do you think it’s okay with just us?”

“Dantalion is near the bottom in terms of fighting, so it should be okay. And if he was with other demons, Thoth would have seen it.”

Miho was worried because Haemosu wasn’t with them, but they couldn’t rely on Haemosu too much. Woojin was now more powerful than he could have ever imagined in the past. Miho then glanced out the window and said, “But this place is really beautiful.”

Woojin then looked out to the window. He had never visited Iceland before. In the past, northern Europe was in chaos and many Avatars worked to quell the uprising of the monsters. However, that was all done before Woojin had become an established hunter, so he didn’t need to come here. The scenery outside the window was like a fairy tale. Woojin looked at it for a while and closed his eyes. He couldn’t stop training even when they were on the move. As he was busy with melting Tsukuyomi’s spiritual stone, he heard a beep in his earpiece.

[We’re here. Are you ready?]


Woojin opened his eyes. There was a large waterfall in the distance. The location was about a five-minute distance away from the waterfall. There was a ranch house there if one looked at it through a satellite, but it was unclear as to why Dantalion was staying at such a place.

Woojin called to stop the car at a distance away from the ranch house and called Horus.

“Horus. What do you see?”

Horus had eyes that could see farther than binoculars and answered,

[There are five men inside, probably Avatars. One of them looks like Dantalion.]

Woojin frowned.


They had enough people, but not many were as powerful. Woojin, Miho, Bihyung, and Yeohong were going to handle four, and other twelve Avatars would need to fight one.

Woojin thought for a second and decided, “Then we’ll have to ambush them.”

Woojin closed the car door and walked around the back to open the trunk and pull out a rocket launcher. It looked like an RPG-7, but it had a small armor-piercing bomb inside. Woojin held it up over his shoulder and pulled the trigger.

The ranch house exploded and Woojin quickly ordered, “Get to cover and be ready!”

Tom ordered his team to quickly position themselves. Woojin readied his rifle and watched burning house. The house shattered and Woojin frowned when he saw the ones who jumped out of it. There were four-meter tall Giants. The coldness coming out of their bodies quickly doused the fire.

“Frost Giants…”

Woojin was surprised by the fact that the Frost Giants were with Dantalion. The man stood up behind the Frost Giants. He was tall and wore He then checked Woojin and his team and grinned. They were pretty far away, but the man seemed to able to see through the distance. Woojin pulled his trigger, but a Frost Giant held his axe up to block the bullet.

“Oh, what’s the rush?”

Dantalion looked at each member of Woojin’s team as he continued, “You came to me out of all the others? How unfortunate.”

He then looked at the Frost Giants.

“Then, if you please.”

The Frost Giants nodded and charged. The four of them were just running, but even the tremors were visible. Woojin ordered for everyone begin firing. The twelve Avatars began firing with various firearms and the Frost Giants defended themselves with their weapons, but they couldn’t block everything. They just rushed forward as they figured the bullets weren’t much, but one of the bullets had a deadly effect one of the Giant’s knees. The kneecap shattered and the Giant fell but the gunfires continued. The Giants then threw their weapons angrily but the Iron Fan flapped, creating a powerful storm to push it all back. The weapons pierced through the storm, but it was slowed so that the team could avoid them. Now, the Giants had no weapons to defend themselves and only two Giants reached their goal.

Woojin saw a furious Giant throwing his fist and Woojin countered it with his own fist while wielding spiritual power. The power coming from above made Woojin push down into the ground, and the Giant brought his fist back and picked up the axe he had thrown. However, the Giant’s fist bones were shattered so he had to try attacking with the weapon and Woojin summoned his bamboo spear to stab forward.

The spear struck against the axe and Woojin threw himself to the side before stabbing with the spear again. The Giant then threw his axe at Woojin’s head, ignoring the spear. Woojin then threw the spear and jumped out. The spear pierced the Giant’s knee, and while Woojin jumped back, Miho jumped up onto the Giant’s shoulder. She moved so fast that the Giant didn’t realize she was on top of his shoulder. Woojin then glanced at her and took out his Kusanagi no ken. Miho tried to attack the Giant’s neck, but the Giant snapped his shoulder and threw his head at Miho. All Miho did was cut the Giant’s face. But while Miho was being thrown into the air, Woojin ran in to swing his sword. The Giant also saw Woojin coming in, so he couldn’t chase after Miho and swung his axe to block. However, the sword cut the Giant’s axe and his chest. Miho’s intervention was enough room for Woojin to deliver a decisive blow.

Woojin turned and saw Bihyung pinning the Giant down. There was blue fire lingering above the Giant, proving that the Frost Giant was no more. Woojin then turned to Dantalion. He was pale.


“Y-you are impressive.”

Woojin kicked and closed in immediately. His speed was now even faster than any of the vampires. He quickly flew in and threw his fist at Dantalion who quickly moved back. Woojin then felt Dantalion turning into fog as he struck him with his fist. It was an illusion. Dantalion had already divided himself into two. Woojin threw his spear at one and charged at another. Dantalion disappeared again.

He turned and the spear flew through empty air. That’s when he heard screaming from behind. Woojin turned and saw Horus carrying Dantalion on his shoulder.

“Capture him alive, right?”

Woojin nodded and Horus threw him at Woojin.

“No illusion can fool my eyes.”

It seemed like Horus used his eyes to see through the illusion and captured Dantalion. Woojin smiled and looked down at Dantalion.

“It’s a good start.”

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