The CEO’s Office Boy Is A Girl 158 Chapter 158 “Face Slap”

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The next morning

“mmm…” Tan Hua slowly open her eyes feeling refreshed. Last night after Nan Shen teased her, he let her sleep in one of the room in his mansion.

She thought she wouldn’t be able to sleep but it seems that she is tired last night so she slept soundly.


Tan Hua turned her head around trying to woke up but then the moment she turned her head, her eyes saw something that almost made her die from heart attack.

Σ(゜ロ゜;) W-WHAAAAT?!

Right in front of her eyes there was this angel smiling toward her while laying down on the bed right next to her. His brown hair was messy as he appeared to be just woke up but then his face still looked handsome.

“Good morning~” Nan Shen stretched his hand and pinched Tan Hua cheek as he smile sweetly looking like an angel from heaven.

“a aaa w-what are you doing here big bro?!” Tan Hua Instantly backed out and pull her blanket to make a barrier between her and the so-called angel next to her.

“Well you have a nightmare last night so I sleep here and you instantly calm down” Nan Shen was grinning and he looked like a bad liar but in fact what he said was true.

Last night after the torture end he just wanted to check Tan Hua conditions but didn’t expect to see her crying in her sleep. She was screaming and crying as if someone was torturing her in her sleep.

Seeing this he really had his heart broken. Tan Hua looked fine on the outside and he already was suspicious. It turned out she still had a fear toward what happened to her.

No matter how strong Tan Hua was she was still a girl. That kidnapping incident really made a deep scar to her heart even though she didn’t show it outside.

For the proof last night Tan Hua was kicking her blanket and screaming unclear word but there was a few words he could hear.

She said ‘help!’, ‘don’t come here!’, ‘it hurts’ and other heart-wrenching scream.

Tan Hua wasn’t only screaming and kicking her blanket but also crying in her sleep trying to call for help from someone. She did even mentioned his name.

“Nan Shen….Nan Shen…help…”

That one sentence really hit his heart hard since it made him remembered how he was late to rescue her and wasn’t there for her.

So he decided to sleep with her last night while hugging her in her sleep. He patted her back and made sure she was alright before he himself went to sleep next to her.

Hearing Nan Shen story Tan Hua face blushed red and she buried her head to her pillow trying to hide her embarra.s.sment.

Aahhhh so Nan Shen slept here because she was having a nightmare! But instead of thanking him she act hostile. Ugh so embarra.s.sing!! (✖﹏✖)

“It’s okay you must be surprised” Nan Shen chuckled seeing Tan Hua burry her head to the pillow looking like a pitiful little doggo.

She must be embarra.s.sed to sleep next to a man he could understand that.

“Now wake up and take a bath or should I help you take a bath?” Seeing Tan Hua didn’t have intention to leave the bed Nan Shen immediately teased her.

In fact he still wanted to stay like this but he was afraid he would be a beast. Who wouldn’t want to eat a pitiful little doggo laying on the bed next to a big bad wolf?

Hearing Nan Shen ‘threat’, Tan Hua instantly sprung up from the bed and walked with one leg to her wheelchair before she went to take a bath.

1 hour later…

“Let’s go out to play” Nan Shen put Tan Hua on the seat next to the driver seat as he would be the driver today.

“You don’t have work to do?” Tilting her head Tan Hua was confused with Nan Shen behavior lately.

“Let’s play for a while then I will go work” Nan Shen purposely brought Tan Hua to play as his way to make her forgot her painful experience. If he left her alone in the mansion she would felt lonely.

“Okay…” Tan Hua saw the car moved toward a new mall far away from the place where she was kidnapped and slowly realize Nan Shen intention.

Ah…so this is his way to cheer her up huh?

Thinking like that Tan Hua face secretly turned red as once more her heart fell for the two-faced devil next to her. This devil was evil but he was also kind. Super confusing!

At the mall.

Tan Hua was enjoying ice cream as her wheelchair being pushed by Nan Shen when she spot Mi Shu and Ren Yuan was having an argument with a couple.

“Don’t follow her anymore!” Ren Yuan pull Mi Shu by her waist before harrumphing to a man beside a beautiful woman wearing

Seeing this scene from afar Tan Hua instantly knew that this must be the popular face slapping event that had to happen in a drama.

She didn’t expect to see this face slapping so soon! Poor those couple…that man Ren Yuan scold must be Mi Shu ex-fiance right?

Let’s take a look! This must be exciting! or not.

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