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Standing straight Li Yuan took a step forward in Lei Xinyi direction and she instinctively took a step backward. As he took another step forward she took another backward till she was pressed against the lift wall.

Lei Xinyi could see his provocative smirk, as he kept his one hand against the wall the other on her small waist.

Lei Xinyi was relatively taller than most women at 5’9 still Li Yuan towered over her at 6’2. She would be lying if she said the position wasn’t intimidating.

His head was bent inches away from hers. She kept hands on his chest to make some distance but all she could feel was his well defined abs.

She had a strong urge to let her hands wander and discover every nook and cranny. She would never say it but his hand on her lower back was giving her ideas.

Even a blind could see the magnetically charged s.e.xual tension between them.

Up close the man was even more handsome. If the women died for his one look, they sure did it for a reason. His dark eyes held Lei Xinyi grey ones with golden specks captive. He could command her soul at the moment.

Getting out of the trance Lei Xinyi blinked her eyes a couple of times trying to regain her composure then said with a low voice, “What are yo…”

“Xinyi, have you ever seen a Raven?” Li Yuan cut off Lei Xinyi speech short and brought his hand that was on her waist to her nape to tilt her face closer to him so that she would look in his eyes.

“Yes, but…”

Tracing her lower lip with his thumb, he said with a low horse captivating voice, “They never travel in crowds, not even lonely but…. in pairs.”

She smelled like cherry and blueberries not the usual female’s floral scent. To him she was so intoxicating.

Lei Xinyi felt electricity pa.s.s through her spine, she was unknowingly leaning on his touch. She was breathing his air, the manly scent emanating off him.

A subtle smile formed on Li Yuan lips as Lei Xinyi closed her eyes in his comfort.

He could tell that she was always on her heels, like the whole world was against her but looking at her relaxing in his arm warmth his heart.

“My Raven…” Lei Xinyi heard the throaty horse voice of Li Yuan close to her ear, as the tip of her ear could feel his lips on them.

At the same time the elevator ‘DINGED’ getting Lei Xinyi out of her trance. As a spell was broken, she pushed him away forcefully getting out of the elevator in the speed of light.

Li Yuan let her push him away and run, putting his hands back in his pocket; he shook his head with a smile with mirth. He wasn’t disappointed at all.

‘If she thought it was easy to get rid of him, she was in for a surprise. He will let her play till she wants but once the game is over, he will claim his price.’ Li Yuan thought.

It was hard to pique his interest, no woman ever had but this one was an exception. She was just like him, the female version of him. He didn’t love her but her company amused him.

She gave him something darker or brighter every time she was with him.

Back on Lei Xinyi desk she was hot all over. She must be kidding to herself because that man was the most dangerous being on the planet and she felt safe in his arms. As safe that she even let herself lean on him

She had always lived a life out of the shelter, so she had always been on high alert. In life n.o.body could be trusted. Trusting was giving them opportunity to catch you off guard.

He said she was his raven Lei Xinyi gave out a bitter smile, His Raven? She maybe a raven but she was no one’s. She was a woman with sharp edges; life with her couldn’t ever be smooth.

And after all she was making a fool out of a man, who wouldn’t think twice before ripping her into pieces. She had to be careful.

She didn’t want to think of the consequences of being caught, even thought of it made her shudder.

As the Lunch Break was over the secretariat was being filled again and Lei Xinyi was back in her acting mode.

First entered Fan Bingbing, who took notice of Lei Xinyi sitting in her desk but ignored her completely as if she didn’t even see her then Jiang Qinqin who gave her a disgusted look.

Lastly, it was Chen Shu, who had her eyes red from crying. She gave Lei Xinyi one hateful glare then went to her desk to continue her packing.

Lei Xinyi didn’t take notice of anyone’s presence instead kept scrolling through her phone. Everyone saw she was avoiding eye contact, which they a.s.sumed was due to guilt.

As all the secretariat was shunned of voices as a.s.sistant ji entered with his tablet in his hand.

He gave one deep look to Lei Xinyi then cleared his throat gaining everyone’s attention.

He began in his authoritative formal tone, “As you all are aware due to the…. farce that took place this morning, the people involved are demoted and their year’s bonus was cut and as Ms Chen was found guilty of slandering the CEO’s fiancé’s name and thus was required to submit her resignation.”

Lei Xinyi bit her lower lip and observed everyone reactions, Fan Bingbing face was expressionless, and Jiang Qiang was glaring still in her direction while Chen Shu was crying quite audibly now.

Taking a pause he gave a once over look to all the people in the secretariat then said, “…. So following the ordeal Ms Jiang is demoted and Ms Fan is the Head Secretary now. And Ms Chen’s resignation…. is rejected after consideration, but she is demoted too and Ms Lu will be her replacement.”

After his announcement the whole secretariat was filled with charged silence but ignoring all the reactions he was getting, a.s.sistant Ji turned to leave.

While walking he came to a stop and said over her shoulder, “Ms Fan, follow me…. for instructions.”

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